Being a Carer

Many of you may know me or know off me you may have read my other Blog where I have blogged on caring before. Well this blog will only be on Caring and Clare Lally and I felt that we needed to try to Speak to as wide an audience as possible. For myself I felt that yes I am involved in a number of organisations and am quite well know in certain areas but that’s not all I am. I am first and foremost a Carer for my wife Claire. She along with our Children Andrew, Esther and Fiona are my night and my day. We suffer together I feel her pain each day as if it was my own. I get frustrated when the doctor wont come to see her on her worst days and wants her to go to the surgery. I try to make her laugh everyday with my “Humour” those of you who know me well will know why I have put quotation marks round that. We laugh we cry we get to spend our time together. I feel ashamed when she is in a lot of pain and I have to get on with stuff round the house or when I know she is in a lot of pain even thou she tries to hide it. I still know as not only can I see it but our dog can too and wont go into the Bedroom. Don’t think i am  complaining about being Claire s Carer I would not want any other person to look after her. I have said it before I don’t want respite because this is what I love doing.       



2 thoughts on “Being a Carer

  1. You’re a good man Michael, Claire is lucky to have you by her side.
    Good Luck for the future to both of you.
    Your love for each other will get you through.

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