How I keep sane

There is a short story called the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. Perhaps there should be a story about the Loneliness of the Unpaid Carer.

If you are not careful being a carer can isolate you from the outside world. I care for my wife Claire who due to chronic debilitating pain is stuck in her bed we live in a 2 story house and don’t have a stair-lift  She is in the bedroom all the time unless there is a need for her to come down the stairs for an appointment. So when she manages to sleep which can be during the day

You have to cancel things at the last-minute so friends tend to stop inviting you. However I have found a way to keep sane and active and have what I hope is a positive effect on both my own local community and the wider community of my fellow carers and indeed the public in general.

I didn’t set out to do what I did it just sort of happened. I joined Facebook and got involved in Carers Campaigns. and the rest is History as they say.

Having to fight for yourself and the person you care for on a daily basis is great help when you campaign on a local and a National Level. Being able to fight for other people give me an outlet to fight and gain the successes at a higher level when you don’t always get them for yourself.

If I can help one person cope with being a carer or seek help when they need it and felt it would be a weakness then that is what I want to achieve.

I want to raise awareness not only of carers as a whole but of the people they care for.


8 thoughts on “How I keep sane

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  2. My wife has been sev. disabled after a stroke 9 yrs ago and cannot speak,stand/walk and has to be fed soft foods and thickened drinks. I have noticed that family do not come so often, nor even ring esp when I’m feeling very low. But I’ve got to accepting it and although I do get a couple of hrs “respite” a week from crossroads when I can get out on my own it’s still v diff. Also when I got my state pension, carer’s allce ceased even though I now have to pay 60% of rent and council tax, so I’m not taking much out of the system I paid into for 40yrs!

  3. Michael I discovered you because one of the people I follow on twitter retweeted your blog post. I’m @jacmaclean on Twitter but I’m also a WordPress blogger. I have been a carer for many years and I’m passionate about carers having a voice and telling it like it is. I would very much welcome the opportunity to promote your blog by reposting but wanted to check out with you if you would be happy with that. My wee blog is all about what it’s like to be a mature student, having a family, being a carer and working full time – and all the bits in-between . I have found being a carer immensely challenging and immensely rewarding. It has made me a better person and it has also exhausted me and made me feel as though I have lost my life and can’t cope. I’ve signed up to follow your blog, as I think you both have so much to say that makes sense and I love that. Do let me know if you are happy for me to share your words on my blog. Feel free to email me if that’s easier – Keep on writing!

  4. My disabled husband and I are stuck in a 2 bed flat which is totally unsuitable for his needs. I know exactly what the writer means about friends and family dropping away and leaving you to it. They do not understand at all. I have one section of my family nagging me about throwing my life away, I had a high flying career before my caring role, the others shy away. I write about my experiences in my blog . Angela

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