Do you enjoy your Job ?

I do that may surprise you but I enjoy being the person that cares for my wife. I get to spend time with my wife time that I would not have if I was doing what I used to do. every job I have had I have worked hard and worked long hours. Before I became a carer I was a Programmer Analyst which in may ways was the job I really wanted to do for a long time.

So do you enjoy the job you do ? how many of you dread getting up ? how many of you have the odd Sickie ? Well as a carer you can’t do any of these things. I am my wife’s main carer. That is my “Job”  and the Government pays me £55.55 a week. That works out at £7.94 a day or given the fact that carers provide 24/7 care  £0.33 an hour. I have long past the stage where money was all that mattered to me. Family matters to me my wife and my children are what matters to me. I am a Husband a Father and a Carer. I would want no other Job as I am the best person to care for my wife. There is sometimes a thin line as Claire puts it between carer and husband where she feels it is sometimes blurred. I understand why she feels that but I don’t feel that. I married Claire for Better or Worse for Richer or Poorer and In Sickness and Health. Would I wish she was well “Damn Right I would” I would give anything for her to be well.

So I enjoy what I do because I care for the woman I love. The Scottish Government and the Conservatives have it wrong offering paid for respite breaks as far as I am concerned I don’t want to be away from my Soul Mate.


7 thoughts on “Do you enjoy your Job ?

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  2. found this through the project hawick facebook group which posted a link to your blog. your post is spot on, as a husband and wife carer and cared for team with children the thought of respite care which separates us is offensive. we certainly have some hard times and i know how tired and run down my husband feels but he always makes it clear that being together is what gets us through. we live in hawick and my husband has been meaning to get in touch with the carers group but so far the meetings have coincided with days we have been out of town, hospital mostly.

  3. My son should have left home by now: but he hasn’t, and he needs more time with young people his own age, not to be stuck at home with his Mum and Dad as we reach retirement age. Respite isnt for us: its for him!

  4. I would consider funding for a holiday for myself and loved one’s and don’t want respite funding. We can’t afford to go on holiday together due to the amount of Carers Allowance and benefits that are paid in the format of DLA etc., The persons I provide care for are all family ( although not all biological). I manage to do part time studies for a Degree however if one of the 4 persons are unwell and/or require attention, then that is my priority and will always be. I love them all and do my best to help/assist when needed. It can be exhausting at times especially when one or more are needing attention but we manage somehow. Of course payment for care is not the priority however more appropriate allowance would assist in enabling pleasure activities for us all to enjoy including holidays. Meanwhile I continue campaigning for Carers- we all are in unique situations………….

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