Carers and Stress and Depression

We are told that the CEO s of the Big Banks get paid the big money as they have to make the big decisions. We we know from experience that they didn’t always get them right.

This isn’t a rant about the bankers it’s about the tough decisions we as carers make every day.  The stress of looking after someone 24/7 figures show that Carers are twice as likely to suffer from Depression. I myself suffer from Clinical  Depression I have to take Anti Depressants and still have days when I am very down. I find these days are more likely to happen when I feel I am getting nowhere particularly in relation to  Claire s health and battling the powers that be to get help, where is am labelled a bully for speaking up for my wife or indeed on days where I know that Claire’s pain is bad and I feel powerless to help. This is when I must fight the most I must not turn to the “Dark Side” but it is hard the Anti Depressants help with the chemical in balance but the mood trigger can still be there which is like being kicked in the teeth emotionally.

Now I know I am not the only carer going through this but these are the times you need friends and help from Carers organisations the most. You have to know when you need help there is no stigma to Depression and Stress. I try to do what I can for the See Me charity which campaigns against the stigma of Mental Health. It only amounts to getting posters and leaflets for the Schools and GP Surgeries but if that points at least one person in the right direction of help then I have done something.  Remember there are people to help.


5 thoughts on “Carers and Stress and Depression

  1. Hi Michael,

    Trying to do what you can amounts to A LOT in my estimation. My husband cared for me during severe mental health crisis’ in my twenties and thirties. When I eventually recovered I was dealt a blow with being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It’s fair to say (any many people may find this odd) that he cares and supports me to work full-time with this condition that causes me great exhaustion and fatigue. As a carer for many years, he suffered all sorts of physical complaints that turned out to stress related. I think it’s just as hard being a carer as it is being a person who need cared for. They just need support in different ways although some things will cross-over.

    I volunteer for See Me and they are great 🙂

    Take Care Michael, you’re doing a great job!

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