Be positive

I have not posted for a while for a number of reasons none of these reasons is that I had nothing to say. Those of you who know me will know I never have nothing to say. I have however found it hard to be positive recently.

It is hard to be positive when not a lot of positive things are happening. I watch every day as Mrs G is in pain and I can do nothing about it. I say platitudes like “its going to be OK”  Its hard to keep this up for a long time when Mrs G picks up one infection after another and does not get  a break. Carers are not immune to these infections too and its hard to stay positive when you are not feeling well either. However I have to try as no matter how unwell I may feel Mrs G feels worse as she has her daily pain to deal with too and if she can’t use her distraction methods to deal with the pain its worse.

So how do you stay positive ? the simple answer is you don’t but you try.


2 thoughts on “Be positive

  1. Hi Michael. I can’t imagine, I am not renowned for my positive thinking, but it seems to me that you can find positivity in the fact that despite you having so much to do on a daily basis, you still find time to work and campaign to highlight the sacrifices and challenges that carers face. This will surely mean that one day the role that carers play is more valued by society and that they are more appropriately supported.

  2. Hello MIchael, I try to get to a SPA once a week! I need the break away- sitting in the jacuzzi and resting my mind and body. This is my only treat and only when I have a free pass! I get 2 a month from Colin as he is a member and I am considering paying for the other 2/3 (I don’t know where the monies are coming from that though). I try to spend time on my own resting when I can and meet up with friends (also when I can). I am not living with the person that I provide care for (neither of the 4) so I can get that time to myself. I was thinking how fortunate I am to be able to get that break away. I obviously am affected when the people I care for are unwell however unlike you the situation is temporary all be it I have a lot of running around when they are unwell. I have noticed ironcially that at times all 4 seem to have medical issues all at the same time. I am fortunate that I have support coming in for one of the persons I care for so that is a definite bonus all be it that has it’s issue to deal with too! For me anyways this is how my week runs. I also have the added bonus of studying for a degree and that ‘takes me into’ another dimension. It take me ‘away’ from the situation. I really appreciate what you say here and can only suggest what I do. For me it’s is so important to get time to myself however your situation is very different and perhaps that is not always possible. The thing is if I am not ok then this energy is picked up by the people around me and that is disastrous. I have to be well and fit otherwise it has a negative effect on those close to me. I try to get to the theatre and cinelam – even if it’s on my own fro a ‘change of scenerty’ and a trat for myself. All this depends on finances. FIona Collie and I are preparing a PETITION to send to the Parlaiment re leisure access for Carers amongst other incentives! Hope to see you on the 18th and just to say you are not on your own bud. WE ARE ALL IN this TOGETHER…..All be it our situations are all different! Lorraine 🙂

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